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Team USA Meet-N-Greet: Jake Dalton [Oct. 6th, 2009|01:04 am]
The Gym Junkies


I shouldn't have been surprised, and yet I was. While online Sunday I read about the final selection of the young women who will compete for Team USA in London at the World Championships next week. I mentioned to a friend of mine how I'm mostly excited for the men's team, which eventually led to her admitting that aside from one or two of the young men, she really didn't recognize any of them.

I understand that it is still very early in the Olympic cycle calender and that it would be unfair to assume every casual gymnastics fan should know all of Team USA by now. Unless you are a self-proclaimed gym junkie, one really doesn't search out that type of information. Yet really, being someone excited and hopeful about this team leads me to feel a sense of duty to introduce them. Over the next six days on this blog, the Gym Junkies will present profiles of MAG's Team USA members. *

First up in alphabetical order is Jake Dalton.

Jacob "Jake” Dalton is a relative newcomer. At 18 years of age, he just recently (as in only a month ago) competed in a junior international competition, the first international competition listed on his
USAG profile page. Jake finished 1st on vault at the 2009 US Nationals and 14th in the All Around.  He currently competes for the Oklahoma Sooners.

"My goals and expectations for the world championships are to hit my vaults in prelims and make it to finals, and hit them there, too," Dalton told International Gymnast magazine in a recent article. "I also expect to support my team and help them through their competition."

There is not much video footage to be found online, but will go ahead and post what is available. Here is Jake competing on vault earlier this year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CMlLATGBdA

Here is a snippet of him training high bar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EPpV2wLS-M

And finally, here he is again competing on vault during Nationals this year:


I hope you enjoyed this introduction to the second youngest member of Team USA. Tomorrow; meet Wes Haagensen.

* WAG's Team USA may be presented, yet  I feel USAG and NBC do a fine job of introducing them without help from outside sources.