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I Don't Get It [Mar. 8th, 2009|02:05 pm]
The Gym Junkies


Perhaps I just have this past quad's scoring system stuck in my brain lately. Okay, I know I do, because now I'm finding myself thinking things such as, "Oh, that split leap wasn't at 180 degrees" while watching older footage. At any rate, I found this video of Carly Patterson from the 2004 Olympic Trials.

She receives a 9.475 for this routine. In my mind, I just don't see how this is possible. First, the judges would take off 0.5 for the fall - mandatory. Next, she should lose bonus points for the fall (the leap should have been followed by a back tuck.) Thirdly, she would have had to be deducted for that very large step at the end of the routine.

So how does that equal only 0.525 in deductions?I really am curious.

Edit to Add: Okay, found a breakdown of Carly's beam routine.

Standing Arabian: E (0.2)
Front aerial, flic flac, back layout, step-out: D+B+C (0.2) + (0.1)
Front salto, sheep jump: D+D (0.2) + (0.2)
Switch leap, back tuck: C+C (0.1)
Round-off, flic flac two feet, double Arabian salto: B+B+Super E (0.2)+ (0.2)

Base Score: 8.8
Total Bonus: 1.4
Start Value: 10.0